1. K

    Looking for: Duncans Rum and Raisin.

    Hi all, as the title suggests im looking for a Duncans Of Scotland Rum and Raisin chocolate bar. These came in ration packs from about 1994-1998. Been looking for one of these bars for a year or two but no cigar yet. Also on the look out for any other Duncans bars if nobody has a Rum and Raisn...
  2. WargasmNow

    Food For Hiking/Camping

    I've taken a mixture of MoD boil in the bag and civvy food when I've been hill walking and camping, in the past. What civvy food can you recommend for hill walking/camping? I've been shopping around, but the civvy equivalent of a 24 hour ration pack item in Cotswold, and the like, are expensive...