1. S

    Can I transfer from RN to RAF during basic training?

    I applied navy and raf at the same time, while I preferred the RAF role more, navy responded me faster so I joined navy instead m. Now in navy basic training, and I just received email from RAF for fitness test which the role is exactly I’m dreaming of. So may I know is it possible to transfer...
  2. Auld-Yin

    SPITFIRE ACE of ACES – Johnnie Johnson

    This is a book which I was offered and accepted without checking what the subject matter was. It is as it says on the cover “The photographs of Johnnie Johnson” and that is exactly what it is. A bit of a cheat and I will explain why. The book is full of photographs covering the career of Air...
  3. F

    RAF(R) and AR

    Good evening, I am starting a degree in Paramedic Science (BSc) and towards the end, I wish to join the reserves as a medic alongside a role in the NHS. I'm aware multiple people do this. I want to focus more on being a flight medic and going down that route rather than being a combat medic. My...
  4. W

    Intelligence Officer: RAF vs Army

    Hi. I'm interested in the role of Intelligence Officer in either the RAF or the Army. Please can someone with experience tell me about the main differences between the two roles and how to decide between them?
  5. Themanwho

    RAF on the Offensive – The Rebirth of Tactical Airpower 1940-1941

    “RAF on the Offensive” attempts to focus on a specific window of experience in World War 2, as the title suggests, the RAF’s development of tactical air support between the fall of France and the entry of the USA into the War. The volume reviewed is produced in standard hardback format and is...
  6. F

    I have PCOS can I join the raf

    Hi it's been my dream to be an engineer at the raf for a couple of years now. But I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and i'm being tested for cushing's syndrome and wondering if those are disqualifying factors. Looking at the medical conditions, they reject adrenal diseases which...
  7. E

    The Rapid Capabilities Office

    This new RAF procurement entity seems to be doing a lot of interesting things, and notably, getting them done. Launching an imagery intelligence satellite: Royal Air Force surveillance satellite launched into space (RCO role confirmed here: UK MoD Makes Permanent Rapid Capabilities Office)...
  8. A

    Army v's RAF Rugby

    Details of the Army v's RAF Rugby matches next month for anyone who is interested. Gloucester RFC has already sold over 3000 tickets and it promises to be an epic day. But what we really want to do is fill Kingsholm, which can take up to 15,000, with service personnel and their families and...
  9. C

    Can I apply to the army if I’ve been deferred from the navy?

    Hi guys, So back in November of 2017 I tried applying to the navy but was deferred due to self-harm and I’m not allowed to join till November 2020. I was wondering if I would be able to join the army or RAF before that?? Thanks
  10. Daz

    Reference Image Queen Mary Aircraft trailer

    Thread for @SPROCKET321 :) Here you go, the pics :)
  11. M

    RAF Nurse Questions

    So I'm a 3rd year Male Nursing student and will most likely be joining the RAF when completing my degree. I just wanted to ask some questions if there are any serving or former RAF nurses. -Is there any choice upon completing your phase 2 training of what specialist area you go into? ( for...
  12. T

    Cheap Military Flights

    A while ago, I remember chatting to a bloke about seeing more of Africa, and I think he mentioned cheaper flights to UK forces hotspots such as Nairobi, Kenya... Anyone know if it's true? Can you hop on RAF flights cheaply if you are currently serving?
  13. Grey Fox

    The (Insert nationality here) military hardware trolling thread. Comments are required with initial post or will be deleted

    In this thread I suggest to discuss about news of Chines Airforce. Just for start: First time spotted: J-10C with the cruise missile KD-88. Earlier J-11B and JH-7 were spotted with it.
  14. G

    RMAS Insight Day or RAF OASC?

    I am applying for a commission in both the RAF and Army, currently leaning towards Army, but have been given my RAF OASC date on the same day as the Insight Day at Sadhurst. Any advice from anyone, particularly on how worthwhile the Insight Day is? I will need to rearrange one, however the...
  15. CanteenCowboy

    Eagles over Husky

    The debut from this young academic is based on his Master's Thesis, its an excellent book covering a critical period in the Allied campaign in the Mediterranean theatre and it's strategic aims and direction. Although this book is primarily concerned with the higher direction of the Allied War...
  16. AlfieFYB

    FYB Vs RAF fitness test

  17. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Avionics Supervisor

    An exciting opportunity to join our client as an Avionics Supervisor, you will be responsible determining a plan for servicing and maintenance and direct the activities the activities of the team. You will oversee the work, and authorise progression to the next stage. For more information...
  18. CanteenCowboy

    First Kills

    The author is the son of the subject Polish Fighter Pilot Wladslaw Gnys, and has written a biography of his father after researching through the archives of the Polish Air Force, the French Air Force and finally the RAF all of which his father served in during WW 2. The biography draws heavily...
  19. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Landing Site Officer - The Royal Household

    Responsible as part of a team for providing high quality landing site support services for a Sikorsky S76 C++ helicopter or AgustaWestland 109S, contributing to the smooth daily running of the Royal Household's travel office. To find out more click here
  20. R

    BFPO post question

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post this query? Today I posted a small package under 2kg to my boyfriend in the RAF based in Falklands. He gave me his full address including BFPO number and it had "Falkland Islands" at the bottom after the BFPO number. I'm now having a...
  21. M

    Permanently Medically Unfit.

    Hi, I had my Capita Medical for the RAF Reserves a couple of days ago and the examiner and he informed me that, due to an operation I had on my knee when I was 14, this could stop me from joining the military. I spoke to my recruiter about this and he informed me that I'd have the chance to...
  22. Turret_Monster

    New aircraft for the Red Arrows?

    According to that august organ the BBC, Michael Fallon has announced that the Red Arrows will get replacement aircraft. That's obviously good news for the bronzed gods [sic] who will be able to continue to get inside them twice a day and take them to heaven and back, but can those with a bit...
  23. V

    RAF or Royal Navy?!?!

    I don't know which to join? I have been looking at a weapon systems operator (loadmaster) in the RAF and aircrewman in the Royal Navy, but I don't know which to go for? I want to go for the one which is most interesting and exiting and has the most travelling involved. So I'm basically...
  24. M


    I've got some enquiries, I've said I wish to join sappers as fabricator to get that trade then achieve my end goal as EOD specialist , I then found out that sappers do the more uxb stuff than modern counter explosives, I then proceeded to look into the rlc ammunition technician. However through...
  25. D


    Looking at VEHICLE & MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN for the three years training with pay. I'm 16 therefore will finish before im 20. However i have seen that there is a 12 year commitment. What exactly does this mean ??? That they can call you whenever within these 12 years however i was...
  26. adastra

    KCL Blogs of war

    Bear with, Im stepping out of character here for a minute. The Telegraph ran an item over the weekend that there was not really much point in our UK involvement in Syria. This was picked up almost comedy style by one of the readers in War Studies ay KCL. I know some of you slimy types have...
  27. seaweed

    RAF War Books

    My daughter in law who was brought up as an RAF pad brat gave me two VG RAF books for Christmas. 1. 'Into the Dark' by Reginald Wilson & Janet Hughes (RW's daughter) which is the story of RW, a Bomber Command Pathfinder Navigator, his 1944 escape from a burning Halifax over a suburb of Berlin...
  28. W

    Petition, Armed Forces to not pay tax on Operations

    Petition: Stop UK Armed Forces on Operations from paying tax during their deployment. please sign, it's about time our Armed Services had a tax break when operating overseas. The benefits have been reduced over the years and all three services are under more pressure to deploy with far less...
  29. Guns

    Is it me or does this RAF officer have his rank slides upside down?

    Defence Secretary Michael Fallon visits home of the Joint Forces Intelligence Group - News stories - GOV.UK I mean I could get you having them the wrong way rushing from the mess to crew room but meeting the Defence Sec at a high profile event....... @Magic_Mushroom - any chance you could...
  30. PE4rocks

    F35 - Money well spent.

    Apparently, huge wadges of moolah are buying something that would give an L85A1 a run for its money in the not-quite-as-planned stakes. Luckily, we are not buying any for 617 Sqn and others then eh? Oh, wait... Washington Times report.
  31. Adjutant

    CVF and Carrier Strike thread

    MOD Post - This is a merge of several CVF/F35 threads. Forum rules apply Guns From The Grauniad: (Richard Norton-Taylor) Britain's troubled and increasingly expensive plan to equip the navy with new aircraft carriers has been plunged into fresh turmoil as ministers consider reversing their...