1. B

    Radio Procedures

    Hi, First off, sorry if this is in the wrong topic category. Didn’t know where would be the most relevant place to ask. Anyway. I’m a bit of a writer, not the best and at the moment it’s only a small group of friends that I’m sharing it with, but it’s a story I’ve had for a while since before...
  2. Red Hander

    Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household. Episode 1 of 15 tonight at 20:00, Radio 4 Extra

    Radio 4 Extra is re-running 'Rogue Male' starting tonight. It's a brilliant novel (anti-Fascist aristocrat tries to kill a Hitler-like figure, is caught, escapes and goes on the run, being chased across the Continent and England), and the Michael Jayston reading is probably my favourite radio...
  3. greenbaggyskin

    Bathroom sound system

    I don't really know if this is DIY or not, so I plumped for this forum. We're in the process of renovating our main bathroom and I want to install a relatively decent sound system. I'm quite happy with the various speaker systems on offer and have picked out a few options, some wired, some...