1. S

    Light cav use in peer on peer conflict

    Light cav is perfect for low intensity operations like Mali but when you expect to come up against heavy armour would it still be used?. I get that their job is reconnaissance and wouldn't be expected to take on any enemy, let alone tanks. Jackals don't have any optics, so they would be relying...
  2. Q

    HCR schedule

    Late post i know but only just got in from work. Considering joining the HCR however after doing a bit of digging theres some (quite) old and outdated posts knocking about about saying when the troopers are at mounted regiment, there's not a lot of time off aside from evenings etc. Weekends are...
  3. X

    HELP !!

    So I’m currently in my basic training getting ready to start phase 2 in the RAC, there’s two regiments I’ve been looking at but I can’t choose which one I prefer. The royal tank regiment and the kings royal hussars. I’ve researched and I can’t really find any differences between the two. Can...
  4. G


    Hey, Just looking for some inside info really! I passed selection about a month ago and i'll be starting my phase 1 training very shortly. I'll be going into the RA,C hopefully RTR... but i understand they have just opened it up for girls this year, so i'll be one of the first few girls to go...
  5. L

    Pre-interview Document HELP

    Ok so i have my interview tomorrow and i have a few questions left to answer and i've looked everywhere for the answers and have found nothing. 1 what is the amount of leave given for phase one training for REME, RAC and Royal Signals? i don't know if its six weeks for all of them or if thats...
  6. S

    Reserve light Cavalry

    I've been looking at the reserve light cavalry units and they all specialise In reconnaissance. If they deplyed would they actually get to do this with the regular light cav regiments?. Or would they more likely end up doing something else?. Are all the regular light cav trained in...
  7. O

    The Light Dragoons

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. So I'm booked in for selection in a few weeks time, my first choice being The Rifles, I've researched this regiment a lot, got a lot of information and feeling confident about what I know. I wasn't sure what I wanted as a second choice so after a lot of research...
  8. S

    RAC Post Sandhurst Training.

    Hi all I hope to join the RAC as an officer, most probably armoured. I have main board in a few weeks however i cannot find any details about training after attending sandhurst and was wondering if anyone could help me.
  9. F

    Tankee as a career

    Can anyone tell what a career of a tankee is like, I've heard mixed things on "it's crap, you do jack shit and get nowhere" and I've heard stuff more along the lines of "best fooking job going."
  10. R


    Hello, I have recently attended my local selection board at pirbright and I passed. However at my selection they asked about anxiety and back problems. I used to suffer from both but when I made my medical declaration it wasn't on my records. Since though I went to my doctor about it just to...
  11. S

    HCav questions

    Hello everyone, I know you're probably inundated with questions about the Household Cavalry, and I've already read a fair bit of information about the HCav on this site just from Google searches and the like, but there are still a few questions, especially about joining the HCav as an officer...
  12. Raccoo

    Recruiting Regiments for Surrey (RAC)

    Hey all, Looking to join the RAC, I've got selection in a few days but I haven't decided on a regiment yet, leaning towards RTR. I can't find anywhere on the web the recruiting areas for the regiments in RAC, (specifically Surrey). The main ones I'm looking at are the RTR and the KRH. Any help...
  13. B

    Armoured Cavalry (CVRT) Height Restrictions?

    Hello, I've been thinking about joining up and the role that most catches my eye is that of an armoured cavalry crewman. I've heard the Royal Armoured Corps put you in a regiment after phase 1 (2?) based off your stated preferred role and where you're joining from so I presume under those terms...
  14. K

    Does anyone know how long the phase 2 training is for a junior entry joining as a tank crewman?

    I am hopefully joining afc harogate to be a tank crewmen, I am doing my assesment at purbrite soon and I have looked everywhere for how long the phase 2 training is and I can't find it does anyone know how long it is?
  15. T

    What is brigade reconnaissance?

    I may be joining the QDG soon but I'm wondering, what is brigade reconnaissance? Will I get bored with it? Is it worth doing that or joining the light dragoons. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  16. J

    RAC regiment choice

    Hi I'm Jimmy new to the website, put RAC down as my first choice and looking for some advice on regiment choice. I said I was wanting to join the Royal lancers but after not finding much about the regiment after the amalgamation and read some stuff on here I decided to look at other regiments...