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    Difference between Lancs and Yorks?

    So I’m waiting on my assessment centre date and I’m definitely fit enough to pass barring anything unexpected on the medical, I’m just wondering what my first choice would be. I’ve looked for as much info as I can find on both and there’s not as much as I’d like. The lancs are listed as...
  2. J

    Hey gents, question for active duty or veterans,

    Hello everyone, I’m not a veteran of the British army, but I do have a questions for everyone here, In 2009 I lost my brother private gavin elliott in Afghanistan, if you’d like to read more just search Private gavin elliott 2 Mercian in google. I’ll get back to the question, So I was...
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    Questions about joining HAC?

    Hi, I am very interested in joining the military but happen to like my civvie career so the reserves seems perfect to go for. I want to join a unit that is very unique and offers plenty of challenge. From what i can tell through a bit of googling HAC Patrols seems to be a very demanding but...
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    RTR on operations

    Hi guys first post on the site hoping I have put this on the right place. So I'm currently interested in joining the RTR as a tank crewman. My question is what other duties would I have to be doing outside of maintaining and driving/shooting eta of the tank? If anything else at all. So if I...
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    Questions Before Signing-up First Time

    Hi! I've read ARRSE before but never actually had to post, I'm 18 and I've been looking at joining the reserves to fill in my spare time (My college BTEC Architecture course is only Mon/Tue and my gf is flexible). I'm down in Dorset and am lucky to have many facilities close by (Bovington camp...