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    Coeliac disease and career progression

    I’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease, for those who don’t know it’s basically a condition where you have to avoid eating gluten for life. The consequences if you do ingest gluten can be quite damaging. The question I have is does anyone know anyone else on service with this condition...
  2. L

    American wanting to join

    Hello! I'm an American and wanted to know if there's anyway I could join the army?
  3. L


    Hello All! Ive come searching for help with a problem Im having with apply to join the British Army. I'm Dual British citizen that lives in America and I want to be an officer but have no A levels or GCSES because of doing all my schooling in USA. Does anyone have any idea as to what I can do??
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    Dog Handler as a reserve

    Hi, I have been interested in a job as a dog handler for a long time and gave up the idea as going full time in the army as a dog handler when I got engaged to my girlfriend. I've been thinking about reserve work and looked on the role page on the army website and a lot of the information shown...
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    Radio Procedures

    Hi, First off, sorry if this is in the wrong topic category. Didn’t know where would be the most relevant place to ask. Anyway. I’m a bit of a writer, not the best and at the moment it’s only a small group of friends that I’m sharing it with, but it’s a story I’ve had for a while since before...
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    Pre AOSB Interview

    Hey all, I have my pre-AOSB interview soon and have a few questions, I would really appreciate any answers. 1) as I am under 18, will a letter from my school suffice as evidence of adress? It says a local government letter is acceptable, I'm just not sure if a school letter counts. (I would...