1. JockScot

    Qualifications question

    Hello, I was medically deferred from the Army back in October 2017 (Regular Soldier Entry). I have taken this time to complete an apprenticeship as well going to college and in progress to complete a HND. Despite the numerous medical hurdles I can't get away from wanting to join the Army. With...
  2. C

    REME hopeful, any advice?

    Hi guys, I'm in the joining process waiting for assessment date, I'm pretty much set on joining REME. I'm looking at electronics tech (are there any differences between elec and avionics apart from the later just being aircraft?) but again I'm open to suggestions. Really I guess I'm asking...
  3. J

    Joining the AGC as a Royal Military Police Officer (Is it a good job?)

    I’m currently looking to become an Officer in the Army (I’m 16 atm) more specifically, to join the AGC as a RMP Officer. I’ve always loved the idea of the Army and the Police and when I found out about the RMP, I thought it was a dream job. I could earn great qualifications and a myriad of...
  4. J

    Officer commission without A Levels or UCAS points (Soldier entry to Sandhurst)

    Although the Army has been very helpful in attempting to give me an answer, I’m still not entirely certain. I’ve always wanted to join the Army since I was a child, there was always a feeling I had to become a soldier to see what I’m capable of. However, obviously, as I got older it became much...
  5. S

    Design draftsman Qualifications

    Hi Can anybody help me, I will be going to selection in a few weeks with my first option as a design draftsmen. Can anybody tell me the qualifications you get and can possibly get EG. clerk of works, What rank you can get these quals at. All i seem to find from research is that you get a HND...
  6. J

    EOD Officer Qualifications

    Hey all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of qualifications I need to become an EOD officer if any (by any I mean additional specialised ones specifically for EOD) I plan on doing some kind of engineering degree, going to Sandhurst and then...