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qualification requirements

  1. JockScot

    Qualifications question

    Hello, I was medically deferred from the Army back in October 2017 (Regular Soldier Entry). I have taken this time to complete an apprenticeship as well going to college and in progress to complete a HND. Despite the numerous medical hurdles I can't get away from wanting to join the Army. With...
  2. W

    Officer educational requirements

    Hi, I've been studying a Higher National Certificate (HNC, Scottish qualification) in social sciences and I've sent my application away to various universities and I am now just waiting on replies. However, I have never really been too keen on going to university and I've decided to join the...
  3. S

    3MI Qualification Requirements?

    Hi all I'm interested in joining 3MI, however I didn't exactly try my best in school and as a result, I don't have the necessary qualifications to join. Is this a problem? Or will this be overlooked if they realise I'm not a complete thinko upon meeting them and during selection. Any...