1. Auld-Yin

    Infantry Die Hards by Patrick Crowley

    Review by Smeggers Foreword by C/Sgt Johnson Beharry VC. My own particular interest in the PWRR began in 1970 when I found some photos of my uncle's in uniform. Several of them served with the Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) and I spent 12 months serving with 5 Queens (TA) at Broadstairs...
  2. S

    Whats the difference in infantry regiments?

    So, I applied for the Army in July 2019. Its been a bit of a long process. I applied for the parachute regiment, took PRAC in February but unfortunately failed. I've been given the opportunity to retake in August. I'm much more prepared this time round, I know what to expect and my fitness has...
  3. LongStride

    Army infantry reserve questions?

    Hello and Good Afternoon, I’ve spent a few weeks looking on forums and various army websites but I can’t seem to find the answers I need. I work for my self as a digital designer. I generally spend 40 hours a week designing and doing admin. I earn less then £10.000 a year meaning I can’t pay...