1. Condottiere

    Moscow Rules.

    Russia and Russian State behaviour tends to puzzle observers in the West, be they policy makers, academics or the general populace. This book lucidly explains the reasons behind both this behaviour and the consequent befuddlement; as well as offering a way forward in dealing with Moscow. It...
  2. Goatman

    Putin Watching .... The story continues

    Well I used the search function like a good little Ewok and couldn't find anything specifically matching this. A recent analysis of Vlad the Bad from a creditable source,reprinted by the Grauniad: For the good and benefit of the Troop. Question: I have a faint outline of who Vladimir Putin...
  3. guzzijon

    Litvinenko Enquiry Announced

    Apparently completely coincidental timing of this announcement! To me it seems quite a clumsy use of a stick with which to poke Putin- and one which was buried last time we wanted to kiss and make up with him. It's a bit unseemly to drag up this 2006 assassination every time we get a monk on...