1. D

    AFCS Trinunal - Help and Advice

    Good morning everyone. Im really hoping someone can give me some help / advice. I had my tribunal yesterday and it was absolutely horrible. My tribunal was because I appealed their decision for PTSD but when I was going through, it seemed like they were more concerned with the triggers that...
  2. I


    Hi all, Ive been currently waiting 5 months into my appeal for PTSD , I was awarded level 10 after a multitude of events which caused my mental health to deteriorate. AFCS acknowledged this in October and I’m yet to hear a thing back yet. Im on the verge of declaring bankruptcy due to not...
  3. H

    AFCS Interim Review Questions

    Hi All I am currently 6 months into my first interim review period for PTSD. I was awarded level 13 in September just at gone and told my case would be reviewed in Sep 2021 (12 months). AFCS have taken my onset date as Nov 2019 as they have said this is the date I begun EMDR and prior to that...
  4. T

    Chances of recieving a 50% or 75% GIP at my tribunal ?

    I was medically discharged after serving 12 yrs in the infantry "Green Jackets/Rifles" and 7 tours and medically discharged in 2013 due to PTSD and induced hearing loss both the Army have admitted liability for, I've since had skin cancer in 2018 and X2 operations to removed it, again the Army...
  5. A

    Door to door in Lockdown - claiming to be ex army

    Can anyone tell me if they know of any Vets charities currently sending ex army lads out to do door to door selling in SE of England. I took shopping to my elderly parents in Kent today and found them about to hand over loads of £££ to two scrawny lads who claimed to be working for a charity...
  6. Bubbles_Barker


    Review by Bubbles Barker I rarely read fiction but I confess to enjoying reminders that fiction is worth it whenever they come around. The author of ‘Draca’ is Geoffrey Gudgion, a retired RN officer of 11 years’ service who then dabbled in marketing before becoming a freelance consultant and...
  7. T

    Mode of exit review and upcoming tribunal

    Hi all I am after some advice. I have been fighting for compensation for PTSD which is documented as being service attriburafrom AFCS and have an upcoming tribunal on the 24th November in which I have representatives from RBL fighting my case. VUK somehow didn’t obtain my medical records past...
  8. S

    Coffee, Cake and Combat Stress - fundraising awareness event in Belfast 23rd and 24th October

    Hope it's ok to post here. I work for Combat Stress, the veterans' mental health charity. Following on the events we've held in England we're now heading to Belfast in October. These are fundraising awareness events where a veteran will talk about his experience of mental health issues and...
  9. Stumpy4154

    Courage After the Battle.

    I asked to review this book as it covered a subject I am fortunate not to have experienced but, like many people, holds a good deal of interest. The book it is written by Peter Jackson-Lee, a Royal Marines veteran of the Falklands War and my impression is it is aimed at civilians who want to...
  10. Tattieheed

    PTSD Documentary 2019

    Evening folks, don't normally start threads as often as I post sh*te on existing ones but a good friend of mine is appearing in a documentary centered on the death of 3 of his mucker who tragically lost their battle with PTSD in 2018, it is on BBC 1 at 2230 on Tuesday, here is the link to it as...
  11. S

    Coffee, Cake and Combat Stress

    Combat Stress, the veterans' mental health charity are holding a fundraising awareness road trip to the south east of England. You can hear from a veteran, a member of our clinical team and a member of our fundraising team as well as a specialist gifts in Wills fundraiser. Please come and...
  12. D


    Hello everyone, I’m new on here but found some threads interesting and was hoping someone could help. I suffer from depression as a result of HERRICK. I claimed on AFCS and was awarded level 13. I have appealed that and I am waiting for an appeal date etc. I saw from somewhere on ere about...
  13. MongMastermind

    Veteran with PTSD who served in Afghanistan faces deportation to Jamaica

    The punch for this fellow, is unlike my friend who was from Mauritius whom served over 5 years and was granted UK cititzenship, is he didn't apply because he "wasn't aware" and didn't seek to sort out his immigration status in the article stipulated here It is a bit of a p*ss take however as...
  14. Goatman

    NHS England cuts £3M funding for Combat Stress ?

    Had a look around in Professional,RAMC etc ' forum but this is current news so FWIW. Mods plse feel free to relocate if you feel appropriate. As a Combat Stress supporter, I get their Newsletter etc from time to time. Most recent letter says: " You might have read that funding from NHS...
  15. C

    March in March for #TeamCombatStress

    This March we’re asking the Great British public to put their best foot forward for Combat Stress. In the last 10 years we’ve seen a staggering 143% increase in former servicemen and women seeking our help for trauma-related mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic...
  16. B

    "Moral Injury" rather than "PTSD"?

    Moral Injury - The Huffington Post Moral Injury: Healing - The Huffington Post Found this a helpful article; I'd be very interested in what others think.
  17. pongo6863

    PTSD Charity

    A friend of mine has asked me to post this link to a new charity promising aid to PTSD suffers. Donations and/or offers of help will be gratefully received.