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    Can’t promote no matter how much I do!

    Warning, another bitter Pte thread! Seriously though, could gen do with some advice here as my morale ain’t sitting too pretty. Bit about myself, joined at 26 having quit an office management job so nearly 31 now. Idea when joining is just to progress through the ranks ASAP and pick up some...
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    Problems with Military Equipment

    Hello All, I am currently studying A-Level Product Design, this involves identifying a problem and developing a product to solve it. As an aspiring officer (currently applying for the scholarship scheme) I have chosen to explore the theme of the military. I am therefore researching problems...
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    JSP 752 problems

    Hello basically I'm getting hit pretty hard with a 2500 pound flight charge for me and my new wife I got posted to Canada on the 05 Jan 2015 and flew back to get married on the 25th of August I was then told I could have my return journey paid for and when I got back I got hit with a bill of the...