1. A


    My first time on this forum, I’m here because I’m in the process of applying. I’ve still not been given my assessment centre date, my first choice was the parachute regiment. However I’m having some issues with my fitness levels, my 2KM Run time as of now is 8:20secs and I can barely run 2...
  2. Z

    Fitness for the Paras

    Morning everyone Just wanted some opinions on my current fitness levels and training I'm a 22 year old South African hoping to join the Paras. Covid dependant I will be doing my BFA on the 17th of March. I'm naturally a big lad weighing in at a pretty lean 100kg and 6.1ft. I am more fortunate...
  3. 1

    Parachute Regiment

    Hi everyone, I am looking to join the Parachute Regiment. I understand the entry fitness tests are: 2km that has now been changed to a beep test 11.6 minimum for the regiment(because of COVID19). 4kg medicine ball throw. Mid thigh pull. On the army website it says nothing about the PRAC, do...
  4. J

    PRAC changes

    Hi with all the covid situation going on I was wondering if people are still going to PRAC? Because I noticed the royal marines were doing a virtual pre join fitness test and was curious if the army have done something similar? Thanks
  5. Marshall28

    Non-issue boots dilemma

    Used the search function but found no similar threads: Apologies if in wrong place. I did PRAC back in April and noticed that the boots we were issued on the course varied from brand new ones or totally bollocksed ones that looked like they saw action at Trafalgar, I lost the game of boot...