1. BratMedic

    Death and Deprivation on the forgotten Sumatra Railway

    An autobiography of the experiences of Jim Banton, who joined the RAF on the outbreak of WW2 He was posted to the far East and managed to escape from the Japanese as he was defending Kalijati airfield but he was later captured on the island of Java and put to work as slave labour on the Sumatran...
  2. BratMedic

    The Saboteur of Auschwitz

    Arthur Dodd RASC almost didn't get into the army due to an industrial accident, his left foot was crushed and only saved by a surgeon. He volunteered but was turned down as medically unfit, however, an officer noticed that he had a driving licence so he was inducted as a driving instructor...
  3. MoleBath

    The Colditz Hostages : Hitler's VIP pawns

    Books on Colditz abound, most of them based on the experiences of the British POWs, along with a few books from the German perspective. Pen and Sword have revived a fascinating tale written by two of the prominente in the immediate post war years. The prominente were prisoners selected by the...
  4. seaweed

    RAF War Books

    My daughter in law who was brought up as an RAF pad brat gave me two VG RAF books for Christmas. 1. 'Into the Dark' by Reginald Wilson & Janet Hughes (RW's daughter) which is the story of RW, a Bomber Command Pathfinder Navigator, his 1944 escape from a burning Halifax over a suburb of Berlin...