1. M

    George Jellicoe, SAS and SBS Commander by Nicholas Jellicoe

    Pen and Sword Military have pulled it off again: they have published yet another brilliant and readable military biography, worthy of a place beside Richard Mead's biography of Major-General Bob Laycock, Commando General: The Life of Major General Sir Robert Laycock KCMG, CB, DSO (reviewed for...
  2. Cynical

    The Prime Ministers

    There is a saying in the Army that an officer’s annual confidential performance report tells the reader at least as much about the author as it does about the subject. This seems to be the case with this book, which comprises the author’s reflections on the leadership of recent prime ministers...
  3. J

    UK Politics - Broken Britain ?

    Reading Daniel Finkelstein's comment piece in The Times this morning one sentence jumped out: "...I do think the idea that we are stuck on Brexit because there is something wrong with the way we are doing politics is glib and basically incorrect". To me that begs the question would we be stuck...
  4. Trainer

    Divided: Why we’re living in an age of Walls.

    Tim Marshall is the ex Diplomatic Editor of Sky News and, as you find out in this book, ex regular UK military. This is a book about Barriers and Fences, and how they shape the Geopolitics of the modern world. Right up to date for 2018, Marshall analyses the implications of those Countries who...
  5. Themanwho

    The Lies of the Land

    Subtitled “An Honest History of Political Deceit”, The Lies of the Land offers up to the reader an array of political lies, half-truths, obfuscations, broken promises and blown cover stories from UK & US politicians from the last seventy-odd years. Split into topics rather than listed...
  6. Auld-Yin

    NEW: Daily & Sunday Politics plus PMQs

    With the changes to the BBC coverage, maybe time for a new thread? Could Mods sticky this and unsticky the old one please?
  7. M

    Gimson's Kings & Queens: Brief Lives of the Monarchs since 1066

    Like its companion-volume, Gimson's Prime Ministers: Brief Lives from Walpole to May, reviewed for ARRSE in April 2018, this is a handsome hardback volume in a handy size (A5). If you are looking for a birthday present for an intelligent and historically-aware person, this book should definitely...
  8. M

    Gimson's Prime Ministers

    Gimson's Prime Ministers: Brief Lives from Walpole to May is a handsome volume in a handy size (A5). It fits easily into a briefcase or even a large overcoat pocket. If you are looking for a birthday present for an intelligent and politically-aware person, this book might be the answer. At...
  9. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Charterhouse - CCF Contingent Commander & Teacher of History

    A Teacher of History, (with some Government & Politics), is required at Charterhouse, with an enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching. The History Department is friendly, enthusiastic and well-resourced and you will take responsibility for a number of classes across the age- and...
  10. Guns

    The future of political ideology in the USofA

    This thread will be heavily moderated by me and thread bans quickly given. The aim is to spark debate on where the political ideology of the USA will go over the next decade. We are seeing a shift in demographics, wealth, social-economic groups and the influence of technology that can have...
  11. Padbrat 93

    Petition to raise wages to more than traffic warden

    Seen it in the paper about a traffic warden earning alot more than a soldier I think everyone would agree this is outrageous so anyway I put a petition together hope you guys will sign it to try and get this into Parliament Petition: Increase soldiers wages to more than what a traffic warden gets
  12. pinksniper

    No lightweight bullet-proof jackets for Indian Army as bureaucracy prevails!

    These jackets were required to effectively protect the head, neck, chest, groin and sides of soldiers as well as allow them to move with greater agility during counter-insurgency operations. India's infantry lacks even lightweight modular bullet-proof jackets a decade after the demand was...

    Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

    It seems that Labour's obsession with the tokenism of having 'the widest possible debate' and their ostentatious need to allow anyone to vote for their next leader may have combined to produce one of the finest 'Oh sh1t' moments in British political history...
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Scottish Politics Thread

    Seeing as various aspects of Scottish Politics keep on raising their little heads on ARRSE, I thought why not just one combined thread. Obviously with the prospect of the SNP being potential kingmakers at the General Election in May 2015 and then the Scottish Election in 2016, there's a fair...