1. S

    What polish to buy for my boots?

    Hello , I start phase 1 on the 30th and I’m just wandering what’s the best polish to buy for your boots? Thanks
  2. Steve2096

    Where can I buy beeswax from?

    Hi, does anybody know where I can buy beeswax from? I'm after waxing my brown drill belt, posted out in Germany so nobody can do it. Cheers in advance
  3. Rumbers

    Removing black polish from brown boots

    Hi all, got a question. Being a bit of a kit whore (sorry!), I found Altberg Defenders for £30 on Firestorm Kit's website, and immediately forked out the cash. I had guessed that they would be grade one at that price (being reduced from £70), but didn't expect the previous owner to have put...
  4. G

    Best boot polish for magnums?

    I've just got a lovely pair of magnums (sorry Altbergians!) and i polished them withy a sample polish i got, i was told not to use it after by my OC and was told to get some new polish, now Leder gris is alright, however, it's not exactly cheap for what it is, i really dont want them to turn...