1. Red Hander

    The Met Police: Is policing politically impartial?

    Long story short: puncture a Trump 'blimp' - arrested. Shout at Anna Soubry - arrested, facing trial. 'Egg' Jeremy Corbyn - arrested and imprisoned. Shut various parts of London for a few weeks: very courteous, Sgt Wilson-style, 'Would you mind awfully of I arrested you?' policing. Carry an IS...
  2. Red Hander

    'Islamophobia' - Parliamentary group's definition to 'Cripple anti-terror fight'?

    Policy Exchange, a leading UK think tank, has published this paper (link downloads PDF report)...
  3. Red Hander

    Police selection, training and operations: can all police officers use force effectively?

    Though one news story has prompted this post, I am also taking into account similar stories, seen over the course of several years, which make me wonder: 1. Are all police officers able - physically and in terms of mental attitude - to effectively use force to subdue suspects? 2. What can be...