1. C

    BBC: The Riots 2011: One Decade Later

    BBC link Good doc, from police & public perspectives.
  2. J

    Does anyone know the policy on joining the police if you are already in the reserves?

    Hi, I am currently considering joining the Reserves, I applied to the regulars when I was 18 but due to injury that was put back and then other things came about and sadly I don't think it could be something I could pursue, however I wanna still do my time and want to join the reserves however...
  3. R

    Should I join the army as an armoured officer or join the police and work to become a CTSFO?

    Both are very appealing and I am very interested in tanks but at the same time being part of a counter terrorist team seems fun but it looks like not everyone gets in. Does anyone have any insight into either career?
  4. R

    Is it worth becoming a tank officer or joining the CTSFO police unit?

    Which one would you say is more rewarding and is better in terms of future post career?
  5. Poppycock

    Greater Manchester Police Farce

    Greater Manchester Police Farce were placed under special measures last month, Dec 2020. It's officially known as the ‘national oversight process’, i.e. they're incapable of managing or monitoring themselves. The Chief Constable has already cried off sick (with ear ache). "... the measures to...
  6. chuggafugga

    Police apologise after telling wrong family teenage son died in crash

    Says it all really... Police have apologised to a family who were incorrectly told their son had died in a car crash. Officers were called to a collision on the A90 near Crimond in Aberdeenshire at 7.30am on Monday 5 October, Police Scotland said. One man was pronounced dead at the scene and...
  7. chuggafugga

    Apparently UK Police are racist... or not?

    Saw an video of a young hyperactive Black youth refusing a stop and search and eventually escaltes into more Plod being called in as backup because he has too much pride to be search (i.e empty his pockets only inside out) in front of his friends. It seem's every time someone gets searched and...
  8. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Red Snapper Learning (RSL)

    Red Snapper Learning (RSL) is recruiting a team of trainers for an overseas deployment to assist in training an international police service. Click here for more info
  9. Simon - Quest Magazine

    International police service

    Red Snapper Learning (RSL) is recruiting a team of trainers for an overseas deployment to assist in training an international police service. Click here to find out more
  10. K

    Army vs Navy

    Hi all, I'm finishing my A-Levels and looking at joining either the Army or Navy upon finishing at the end of June next year. My original idea of role was being part of the police sector for either, as that was my initial idea of a civi job. I've taken the initial steps in joining both but the...
  11. chuggafugga

    Should ALL police officers be routinely armed (with tazer)

    After coming across this article on Facebook i was divided on the concept on police officers being issued with tazer weapons, routinely including all Specials and Regulars. Should they all be armed? Should just one in 2 of them be armed in foot patrols subject to budgets? Should it be allocated...
  12. chuggafugga

    Social Worker Powers

    What powers do Social Workers have? Do they actually have any or do they have to go through the courts to impose anything? Having a bit of an issue with them
  13. Question1998

    Royal Military Police question

    Hi, I was just wondering if there are any serving RMP’s or anyone with some knowledge that can help me out... I am a young female who is wanting to join the rmp before using these skills for civvy street police, not only that but being a part of the military is a high aspiration of mine. I...
  14. O

    Current Employment Discrimination?

    I am after some advice but it's a long story (and rather unbelievable as well :/) I am an army reservist. I have been since 2003. I began working as a civilian a police force in 2005. They were informed and aware, etc. I also joined as a special constable. Whilst on as a civilian duty I was...
  15. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Armourer - Met Police

    Our Specialist Firearms Command unit supports unarmed colleagues who are working operationally across London. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Armourer to join us: there isn’t another Police Service in the UK with the variety of challenges that this role offers. For further...
  16. Rotten Chompers

    Police or Army Dilemma

    Hi everyone, I'm an 18yr old who has already applied to the police and have been given my selection date, however I have also applied to the Army (but haven't done the BARB test). Police work has always interested me and I thought that the Met was quite a lucrative job choice; with many...
  17. thegimp

    police firearms media series

    not sure where to post this but found this of interest. Probably the first in depth police firearms training media There are a lot of videos in the series
  18. guzzijon

    Secrets of a Police Marksman - Ch4 Thursday 18th August 22.00

    Very interesting. Ex-armed cop Tony Long talking through his 30-year career as a Met firearms officer.
  19. mess pres

    BBC News article on Basra

    May be of interest to some on here who served on Op Telic. I found it quite a enlightening article. The article is broader than the title may suggest. Why a mother had to visit the place her son died - BBC News
  20. JockScot

    Jobs that transfer to Civvy Police

    I am not sure if this has been asked before (Sorry if it has) but I was wondering if anyone knew if roles such as infantry are able to transfer to civvy Police with relative ease or if instead the Police are more looking for people from the different Corps?
  21. NSP

    "Policing on the cheap" - again!

    Mrs. May has had the wizard wheeze of recruiting civilians and giving them certain powers to assist the police with certain criminal investigations. "New civilian recruits will help police solve cybercrime under an expansion of the role of volunteers, due to be unveiled by the home secretary...