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  1. Mattb

    Group Discussion and PlanEx Marking Schemes

    Does anyone (I'm thinking people running commissioning clubs, etc) have a marking scheme for group discussions, planexes and possibly for being a team member (rather than the leader) during command tasks? Tasked with creating these but thought I'd check and see if anyone has anything before...
  2. S

    Briefing and Main Board advise/thoughts

    Hi guys, Just thought I would post my thoughts and hints/tips from my experience to anyone going through the process. Fitness: The required standard is 10.2 on the bleep test and 44 press ups/50 sit ups. It surprised me how many people failed and at the lower levels as well. Don't think of...
  3. J

    Plan Ex examples help

    Hi all I've been struggling to find many Plan ex examples online to have a crack at and all the links I've found on here appear to be broken. If any of you who have any old or new planing exercises please feel free to post them in this thread. Would be very much appreciated.