1. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Gerry Adams to be sued by victims of bombings

    Dear All, https://order-order.com/2022/06/27/high-court-to-ask-gerry-adams-were-you-a-member-of-the-ira-army-council/ Guido reports that victims of 3 IRA bombings (Old Bailey, Docklands and Manchester) are suing our favourite tout for a nominal £1 in damages. This very worthy case is being...
  2. sirbhp

    Torn Apart

    In the early Twentieth Century there was a war brewing on Britain’s doorstep. Northern Ireland was filled with discrimination and suspicion, a sense of foreboding that would soon erupt into full-blown rioting. As the fiftieth anniversary of the Troubles approaches, Ken Wharton takes a thorough...