1. Themanwho

    Check Six!

    If (like I was) you are largely aware of the US military’s Pacific air campaign through the prism of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children island-hopping in Corsairs and Bull Halsey’s carriers, then you should definitely read this book as it gives depth, texture and colour to the assumed “bit part”...
  2. mc2016

    Joining as a pilot

    I know its probably not the best place to post this so feel free to move it. I was just wondering whether the fleet air arm have a rule against asthma other than being 4 years clear, both the army and the raf say that a history of asthma tends to be a bar from pilot/aircrew training but i...
  3. I

    AAC AAT Tests, Aircrew Medical & 3-5 Flying Grading

    Hi guys So I just received a letter from the AAC regarding my aptitude tests (AAT), which if I pass I go onto my Aircrew Medical and then the flying grading course. I have been given the option to do all this before AOSB Briefing or after. I have been advised my mates already in the military...