1. NSP

    The Reference Library

    All your recommended reference/coffee table books for modelling subjects here, be it armour, aircraft or war canoe. Picked this up in the TM shop. Lots of illustrations and colour plates, including spreads of interior detail shots and factoids. Begins in the beginning and works through in...
  2. C

    Reserve -Photographer

    Is there anyone on here who's been or is a photographer within the army as a reserve, as I'm looking to join as a photographer and wondered what the job entails and how many weeks you have to work and train per year?
  3. Good CO

    Rifle to Canon? Army Photographer Article

    I just came across this excellent interview with Signaller turned Army photographer Tim Jones ('scuse ranks gents - couldn't see it in the article). Given his comment that the branch is recruiting I thought it worth posting, and there are some good photos in the article so worth looking...