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  1. E

    Dog Handler requirements and basic training preparation

    I have wanted to join the Army for as long as I can remember but due to being on antidepressants I have had a 2 year referral and have to wait until June 2021 to reapply. At first I wanted to join the RAMC but after looking at dog handler I have decided that’s exactly what I want to do. I was...
  2. B

    Blandford accommodation

    Hi, just passed out of basic training at pirbright and I am due to start phase 2 within the next couple of weeks. Just wondering if anybody knows what accommodation is like down at Blandford as we were unable to do our phase two visit due to covid.
  3. J

    Best trade for travelling to and from Newcastle

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section it’s my first post. I’m joining up as soon as I’ve finished my GCSE’s and I want to join either as a vehicle mechanic, general fitter, aircraft technician or avionics. I have no problem with doing my phase one in Harrogate but everywhere else for phase 2 is...
  4. D

    Royal signals trades and phase 2

    Hello all I’m currently looking to transfer over to the royal signals from the infantry I’m interested in a variety of roles they offer including comms system operator , EW , and comms engineer. Just looking for peoples opinions and experiences on above trades. Also does anyone know the full...
  5. J

    Reme phase 2 kit help please

    Hi, due to head to phase 2 in next two weeks and my kit list to take includes a bergen and webbing(naive but assumed would be issued) ... In short what should I be looking for as an aspiring armourer, am I looking for something I'll rarely use, something to tide me over till I know what I need...
  6. C

    Basic training at Catterick and use of laptops

    Hi, I have my PRAC on the 19th of this month, I’m confident that I’ll pass as I believe I’m very fit but I know it will be a challenge, but anyway after that I’m hoping to be given a date to start basic phase 1 in September. I’m curious if I would be able to buy a laptop at any point during...
  7. R

    Comms Engineer / Signals Phase 2 start dates

    Can anyone provide info on phase 2 training start dates? My application is in the works but i have yet to complete by assessments or begin phase 1 training which alone takes 15 weeks i believe. Assuming my 36 week comms engineer course starts in September like most academic courses, I am...
  8. JNM

    Phase 2 driving

    Heading off to P1 in Feb and was wondering how far into P2 you learn to drive? I’m going Elec tech and you get taught driving at some point in P2 apparently, not looking for a specific week just at the start or near the end would be appreciated. Also the website says you can get a HGV license...
  9. JNM

    Accommodation questions during training

    Due to start basic in Feb and I know what P1 accommodation will be but phase 2 info and beyond is a bit harder to find. Is there any change from P1 to P2 accommodation or is it basically the same? Also I’m going into REME, when you’re attached somewhere do you go into the same place as...
  10. R

    Advice - Army Life

    So I'm 21, higher than average fitness level, pretty damn smart, previously completed an apprenticeship as a vehicle tech. I've always wanted to join the army since I was a nipper. What am I to expect in the army life that isn't advertised and can only be told from experience? I'm 100% sure...
  11. C

    Injury After Phase 1

    Would i need to redo Phase 1 if i have completed it and then injure myself in the 1 week holiday before phase 2 starts and the injury recovery is 6 months.
  12. C

    Injury during phase 2 of signals CSE

    What happens if you get like a shoulder injury or any injury that puts you out of physical exercises for a few months? Do you get sent back and heal and few months later start from selections again or just continue without PT and just the classroom studies bit of CSE phase 2?
  13. M

    Phase 2 CMT Standerds - please advise!

    Hello. So I think I'm right in saying now to train as a CMT it is a 50 week training program? There are 3,2,1 standers, standers, 1 being the best? At the 50 week training do I reach all the standers and then ready to unit? Or only trained in either 3,2 then need to experience...
  14. M

    Interview, GCSEs, accepted into role - help

    if you pass the maths and English test at the 2 day interview, but don't have the maths and English gcse needed for your chosen role(s) will the army see pass the 'bad' grades and let you in?? If so, dose the army provide maths and English training to achieve the grades you need? Thank you
  15. J

    SCOTS DG Officer

    Hello all, I'm currently looking into my options in joining the Armed Forces, I've been researching all three forces and several regiments within the Army. I've been repeatedly drawn to the SCOTS DG because of their history, unique uniform, role and my fondness for highland culture (I find the...
  16. P

    Para Reg transferring to Royal Signals (CS Engineer)

    Good evening ladies and gents! Question time. As it stands, I'm currently serving in Para Reg as a full screw, however I am looking to make the jump to Royal Signals as a CS Engineer. However, I am wondering: A) Am I likely to retain my rank throughout re-trading in Phase 2 and post phase 2...
  17. DeclynS

    Reserve CMT Training

    Ive just got my selection dates through and my first job role is a CMT after searching for a good few hours online and speaking to the recruitment team at the unit im joining I cannot find anything on CMT Trade Training. If possible can you detail where it is, how long it is and what it...
  18. F

    How frequent are CSE phase 2 courses?

    I'd like to know if phase two courses for communications systems engineers are run on a regular schedule, and if so what's the frequency i.e. typical amount of time between any 2 courses. If it's not on a regular schedule, some insight into how it's organised would be greatly appreciated...
  19. Chelseaalouette


  20. A

    CSE - Comm Sys Eng - Communication Systems Engineer... how does it compare?

    Morning All, I've been searching through the forum for any posts with 'CSE', 'Comm Sys Eng' and 'Communication Systems Engineer' in them - some good info has been found, but a lot of it seems a bit outdated now. As it stands I am looking to re-enlist as a Communications System Engineer having...
  21. W

    Reme - Shipwrights phase 2 training

    i am applying to the Army and my first job choice is to join the reme as a Shipwright I spoke to someone yesterday who got some information for me about phase 2 training but the only information i got given was you do a metal smith course at RAF Lyneham and then a Shipwright course at HMS Sultan...