phase 1

  1. B

    Help please

    Evening, Looking for some closure. I discharged from phase 2 at week 8 I think, reasons being - I felt it was the quickest and easier way for me to retrade and sort a few other potential problems back home. Anyway, my next intake will mark a record 13 weeks out of training and relisted back in...
  2. L

    Supplements In Phase 1

    Hey Guys, Start Phase 1 in June at Pirbright and im just wondering If I will be able to take supplents during basic, Ik you can take informed sports supplememts after training but not sure about during. Also seen many threads where people have just started arguing about different supplements I...
  3. R

    Advice - Army Life

    So I'm 21, higher than average fitness level, pretty damn smart, previously completed an apprenticeship as a vehicle tech. I've always wanted to join the army since I was a nipper. What am I to expect in the army life that isn't advertised and can only be told from experience? I'm 100% sure...
  4. C

    Phase 1 Laundry

    How do they do laundry in phase 1. will i need to bring my own laundry stuff like that soap powder and fabric softner or do i just need to put in money for the machines to do their thing?
  5. C

    Injury After Phase 1

    Would i need to redo Phase 1 if i have completed it and then injure myself in the 1 week holiday before phase 2 starts and the injury recovery is 6 months.
  6. C

    Phase 1 Nights in the field

    phase 1 says 3 nights in the field at one point. Does that mean u take a shit in the field? Or u go back to barracks each day and return to field at night? Also im new idk if this is the right area of website to ask. If not, how do i ask general questions? Starting from first page u see after...
  7. S

    What polish to buy for my boots?

    Hello , I start phase 1 on the 30th and I’m just wandering what’s the best polish to buy for your boots? Thanks
  8. M

    Phase 2 CMT Standerds - please advise!

    Hello. So I think I'm right in saying now to train as a CMT it is a 50 week training program? There are 3,2,1 standers, standers, 1 being the best? At the 50 week training do I reach all the standers and then ready to unit? Or only trained in either 3,2 then need to experience...
  9. M

    Interview, GCSEs, accepted into role - help

    if you pass the maths and English test at the 2 day interview, but don't have the maths and English gcse needed for your chosen role(s) will the army see pass the 'bad' grades and let you in?? If so, dose the army provide maths and English training to achieve the grades you need? Thank you
  10. 1

    Bmi over limit at phase 1??

    Hi I'm 16 and set to start at Harrogate for the long course on the 1st of October. I recently weighed myself and realised that I will be over the limit of 27 and won't have enough time to loose enough weight before I start. The reason I put on weight is that I let myself go a bit as it was my...
  11. Big Avo

    Reservist Recruit Driving To and From Phase 1 Training

    Hi everybody, Could a Recruit drive themselves to and from their Phase 1 Training in either a Hire Car or White Fleet Vehicle? Once they have a Service Number they are enlisted and if they have the relevant Driving Licence I don't see why they shouldn't be able to drive themselves. When I...
  12. O

    How long does Reserve training take

    Hi, I have just started the joining process for the reserves for my gap year and time at uni as a soldier, I understand the whole phase 1 and alpha and bravo training bits but how long will the whole process take. Would it take me a whole year until I'm a soldier or can I basically do the...
  13. S

    Phase 1 Training Syllabus

    Hi All, I am a Masters student who is writing a project on Army training. I'd really like to speak to someone about whether I could get hold of the training syllabus for Phase 1 training, but I am unsure who to approach. Does anyone have any ideas about who to ask and where to contact them...
  14. H

    I'm struggling with my fitness

    I'll start off by saying I'm 6ft1 and around 10.2 stone, so I'm not overweight. I've already applied to join the British Army. My only issue is I'm fitness sucks and I don't really have the money to pay for a gym membership as I'm only 17. I'm concerned that I will be turned down at the...
  15. Y

    Fitness Preparation for Phase 1 Training!

    Hey all, This is my first post and just wanted some fitness advice. Not that its at a bad standard as I got a great A grade pass during selection including a 9 minute 26 seconds run time and pass other tests. I am joining the Royal Engineers and starting phase 1 on the 3rd of April at ATC...
  16. Dannyy.simo

    Urgent!! Fracture before training

    Basically I've passed my selection and everything, and I'm just waiting to go to Harrogate on 25th September, but about 3 weeks back almost a month I fractured my foot nothing serious and it should be healed fully ten days before start date, but should I ring them up to tell them or just leave...
  17. pazzer

    Aviation IT Systems Operator

    Hello guys, I was just looking for a bit of information, I have recently completed selection with a B grade (my run wasn't the best but I made up for it in BARB/TST, Team Tasks, etc.), and I was wondering if anyone had information about the role in the Army Air Corp listed above, I was told by...
  18. Ed1039

    Training, Phase 1, ATR Winchester, 2016.

    Anyone have a date for phase 1 at ATR Winchester? I am on 4th Jan intake 2016