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  1. P

    Can i do more?

    Hi Guys, I was deferred for asthma treatment 4 years ago and am now eligible again, I have let myself go massively (fitness wise) as I kind of went off the army and just went to work on civvi street. I did a fitness test which was abysmal: 13:34 - 1.5 mile 14 - Press Ups (2 Min) 34 - Sit ups...
  2. M

    PFA Question

    A question to the PTI's on here. If someone fails their PFA and does not complete a retest within the alocated time, is that classed as an automatic failure?
  3. northern-matelot

    Sit-ups outdated?

    Is this the END of the sit up? Well it appears the US Military is looking at replacing sit-ups with planking as part of its fitness regimes, due to the former being responsible for causing lower back pain. I wonder what the findings of these trials and how long it'll be before we Brits follow...
  4. HappyDuck

    PFA - 1.5 mile run

    Hi Guys, Just looking for a bit of advice with regards to dropping some time off my mile and a half run. Quite a long history but basically I failed out of Sandhurst due to fitness (only just passing the fitness tests when I got there and suffered illness early on). I have been given the...