peter darman

  1. Captain_Crusty

    The White Dragon

    'The White Dragon' is book two in Peter Darman's latest series, the Catalan Chronicles. The medieval military historical series is set in the 14th century, as the Catalan Company, a successful mercenary army, fights its way around the eastern end of the Mediterranean. As regular visitors to...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    The Black Sheep

    'The Black Sheep' is the first volume in the Catalan Chronicles, a Medieval saga set in the early 14th century. The series follows the adventures of Luca Baldi, a Sicilian shepherd who becomes a mercenary when he is forced to flee the island of his birth. There are another three books (so far)...
  3. Captain_Crusty

    The Slave King

    'The Slave King' is the tenth instalment in Peter Darman's 'Parthian Chronicles' series. The series follows the fortunes of the Roman-era middle eastern warrior King Pacorus, from his time as a young man taking part in the slave rebellion in Italy alongside Spartacus through a long successful...
  4. Captain_Crusty


    'Amazon' is the ninth instalment in Peter Darman's Parthian Chronicles series (all the earlier books in the series have been reviewed on this site). Darman continues to deliver in spades, this book has lost none of the zing that made earlier volumes such a success. At the same time, nine books...
  5. Captain_Crusty

    The Cursed Kingdom

    'The Cursed Kingdom' is the 8th book in Peter Darman's Parthian Chronicles series. Darman, who used to work in Military Intelligence, writes historical military fiction (and non-fiction) that balances great story-lines, fast moving plots and an attention to detail, particularly military...
  6. Captain_Crusty


    'Usurper' is the seventh book in Peter Darman's Parthian Chronicles. Darman is an ex-Defence Intelligence analyst who decided to put his military knowledge to good use and turn his hand to military historical fiction. The Parthian Chronicles is a series of books set in Roman times about a...