1. chuggafugga

    What are you going to live on when you retire?

    Not really one to think of when your first joining the Army but certainly one to think of when you've gone past the best years of your life, are settled with a kid, have a mortgage etc Some of the people I know who have been in the forces have been determined to stick it out for the full 22. A...
  2. D

    SNLR Gurkha Pension Query

    I am posting on behalf of an ex-gurkha who was discharged under SNLR qn's para a month before he became eligible for the gurkha pension scheme (AFPS75). Can anyone tell me if he will loose 'the nearly' 15 years of service or is he due a pension of some sort. It was not explained to him...
  3. N

    Pension scheme

    Hi, does anyone know how pension scheme works in army? How many % of my last monthly salary I get as a pension after 22 years serving in army?
  4. S

    Medical discharge

    Hello, Newbie here, I’m wanting some advice on my pension and payouts as I am due to be medically discharged from the army. I joined in Feb 2007 and have just sat the Med Board where I have been told times up due to my depression and anxiety. Could you guys help me out with how the lump sum and...
  5. K

    Veteran/Contractor Event in Cheltenham

    Hi All, I've already posted this on LinkedIn etc but thought I would drop it in here as well for those that have missed it. There will be an event held in Cheltenham by St. James's Place Wealth Management aimed at ex military contractors or those transitioning from military to civvy...
  6. S

    Regular Service and FTRS Pension

    Hi, I'm trying to clarify a few things regarding AFPS75 and AFPS15, mainly the combination of both schemes. My situation: - 17 years regular service. - Transferred from regular service to reserve service (Seamless Transfer so no gap in service) for 3 years. - Currently about to start a FTRS...
  7. E

    Help on pension advise needed for single child

    Hi my father was received an army pension I am his only child he never married nor was married to my mother my question is I'm I entitled to the pension as he has now passed I'm not sure what to do or how to go about it he said he always wanted it to go to me to put away from his grandchildren...
  8. Forces Pension Society

    Celebrating 70 years of Independent support for the Armed Forces

    The Forces Pension Society is now celebrating its 70th birthday. We are a very special not-for-profit organisation. Pensions are our business, and we know more about the Armed Forces Pension schemes than any other provider of independent advice. Because of that we are able to help our Members...