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pen and sword

  1. jmb3296

    Book Review The Murder of Alexander Litvinenko

    The copy i reviewed was in electronic format and is the first electronic version I have had that I think would have been better in hard copy. he electronic version doesn’t have the illustrations and in hard copy it would have been easier to flip back and confirm previous parts of the book which...
  2. Helm

    Book Review The rise of Persia and the first Greco-Persian Wars by Manousos Kambouris

    This was another parson's egg of a book. The first of a trilogy of books that covers the titular Greco-Persian wars that spanned some 50 years. The book is fantastically detailed and contains a lot of references and excellent maps and illustrations. That is what also sadly brings it down, there...
  3. R

    Book Review Napoleon's Cavalry, Artillery and Technical Corps 1799-1815: History, Organization and Equipment

    Published by Pen & Sword, in September of this year. I have to say that I’m impressed. My usual gripe about all pictures and illustrations being grouped together doesn’t apply here and they are inserted most usefully alongside the text where they really belong. The book is printed on a decent...
  4. theoriginalphantom

    Book Review Broadmoor Inmates. True Crime Tales of Life and Death in the Asylum by Nicola Sly

    Broadmoor, originally known as Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum is the UKs oldest secure hospital, however has recently undergone a colossal rebuilding project. The original site was built to a design of Sir Joshua Jebb of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Interesting fact, Broadmoor was used...
  5. JINGO

    Book Review Convicting The Moors Murderers. The arrest, trial, and imprisonment of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. By Chris Cook.

    Convicting the Moors Murderers. The arrest trial and imprisonment of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley by Chris Cook. I’ll start by pointing out that this is the second book in a series by Mr Cook so that nobody is under any illusions. I will also say that for anyone with a passing interest or...
  6. theoriginalphantom

    Book Review Eating with the Tudors, Food and recipes. Brigitte Webster. Pen and Sword History

    History and food, two of my favourite subjects and here they are in one book. Having made "historic" food (or a modern approximation) before, I was looking forward to this. The comprehensive introduction covers the types of diet, the cooking methods, info on cookery books of the time and...
  7. theoriginalphantom

    Book Review The Return of the Ripper? Kevin Turton. Pen and Sword True Crime

    If it wasn't for the title mentioning 'the ripper' I could start this by saying what's special about 1888, specifically London? Mention Whitechapel and most people think of 'Jack the ripper'. but did The Ripper kill after 1888? If we ignore war crimes, then Jack the Ripper is one of the most...
  8. theoriginalphantom

    Book Review Living in early Victorian London - Michael Alpert. Pen and Sword books I have this as an e-book and I think the Victorians would approve of this format as their world was full of innovation and invention, much of which is covered in this book. Each chapter covers a different...