1. A

    Take home pay - Commando Artillery

    Hey guys I’m a Corporal in the Australian Army as a Forward Observer in Artillery. As the ADF Pay Scales are a bit confusing, the UK Armed Forces Pay Scales are also. I’m trying to gauge the total take home Salary for an Artillery Observer in the Army Commados. With lateral transfers I...
  2. K

    So in basic training and u receiving £15,900+/year, does it include accommodation,tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's left £15,000

    If you are in basic training and you are receiving £15,900+ per year, does it include accommodation, tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's the left with £15,000
  3. G

    Retrospective Supplementary Uplift of Pay Allowance (SUPA)

    Good evening all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out or offer some advise before I raise this with my CoC. Long story short: I was unofficially assigned into a role traditionally two ranks higher than mine at a different unit (in a different division) for 6 months on the basis of...
  4. S

    Residual Local Overseas Allowance

    Hello, I was wondering if my mother battalion is based abroad and I have flew back to the U.K. on a BLACK ECONEMY Posting, am I still entitled to risidual LOA as I am still part of my unit as I can be called back any time and not pidded, I am black econemy anyone know?
  5. G

    Reserve's or regulars?

    Hi. I am new to this so go easy... I am from northern Ireland, male, 33 years old I will be getting attested for the REME this week but from I've been a young fella i have always wanted a career in the army, my dad was it it and some other family members so it's always been what i wanted to...
  6. J

    Joining the AGC as a Royal Military Police Officer (Is it a good job?)

    I’m currently looking to become an Officer in the Army (I’m 16 atm) more specifically, to join the AGC as a RMP Officer. I’ve always loved the idea of the Army and the Police and when I found out about the RMP, I thought it was a dream job. I could earn great qualifications and a myriad of...
  7. J

    GYH help!!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help clear up a few things. I have read through and reread multiple times JSP 752 and understand entitlement element of GYH. However the acronym different are used GYH (T) and GYH (M) which I can't find on JSP 752. What's the difference? Having lots of...
  8. C

    Joining REME and pay structure

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at joining the army and looking at either aircraft, avionics or electronics tech. I have all the qualifications required and fitness levels. Want I can't seem to find is the pay structure and promotion time scale (promotion isn't high on the list). Can anyone...
  9. guzzijon

    BBC Stars' Pay Revealed.

    Here's the list from Media Guido:- Some quite surprising. I'm not a particular fan of Clare Balding but I'd have thought she'd earn more than someone like Gary Lineker. Here's the link for more on this story:- Guido Fawkes - Parliamentary plots and conspiracy
  10. S

    What is the expected PAY during Phase 1+2 training?

    Ive read some posts from earlier years some as far back as 2006, but given things have moved on and no newer posts have asked the same question, what PAY are recruits currently receiving during Phase 1 and 2 training? Currently, it is expected to receive £14k a year, but depending on your trade...
  11. A

    Annual Tax Free Bounty, Reserve, Pro -Rata????

    Hi, So something I thought would be reasonably straight forward has not been and 2-3 hours DII access once every week has not gleaned any answers. I completed my regular career last year and joined the reserves part way through the new financial year. I have a decent SPSI who got me on the...
  12. S

    Officer wage and pay dates through training

    Sorry if there is already a thread on this, I can't seen to find it... I am currently interested in applying to be a officer in the army and going through every aspect of it in detail to make sure I know what I would be applying for and if it is for me. One major point is the wage and when...
  13. A

    Pay drop with demotion

    hoping for some clarification as nobody seems to be telling me anything, so basically i was demoted from acting lcpl because of an injury preventing me from doing my pnco cadre, but when they demoted me I was told that it should have happened 4 months earlier and the army wants £1800 back off...
  14. J

    Keeping pay

    I'm looking into transferring across from the Navy to the Army. I'm a Leading Hand (a CPL in army speak) and I understand I will loose my rank and start again from the bottom which is fair enough. But as they say you'll only get a deduction of pay for dicaplinary reasons, will I go back to the...
  15. Z

    NEM pay loss with NI rise

    Anyone else taken a pay cut in take home with the NEM. Most of the JNCOs and Privates have taken a pay cut in my case £9 pound less a month not a lot but proves the MOD where lying through their teeth and yet another reason for signing off.
  16. Padbrat 93

    Petition to raise wages to more than traffic warden

    Seen it in the paper about a traffic warden earning alot more than a soldier I think everyone would agree this is outrageous so anyway I put a petition together hope you guys will sign it to try and get this into Parliament Petition: Increase soldiers wages to more than what a traffic warden gets
  17. alfred_the_great

    NEM Released

    The new pay scales are out, on the front page of the Defence Intranet, if you wish to look... _________________ Admin edit. More info here:
  18. R

    NEM pay.

    Anyone had any info on the new pay levels yet? With 3 months to go I've heard nothing. Posted from the ARRSE Mobile app (iOS or Android)
  19. W

    Petition, Armed Forces to not pay tax on Operations

    Petition: Stop UK Armed Forces on Operations from paying tax during their deployment. please sign, it's about time our Armed Services had a tax break when operating overseas. The benefits have been reduced over the years and all three services are under more pressure to deploy with far less...