1. Red Hander

    What happens if the government loses a Brexit-related HoC vote?

    Dominic Grieve has today said: "We could collapse the government and I can assure you, I wake up at 2am in a cold sweat thinking about the problems that we have put on our shoulders." Full story here: Government 'could collapse' over Brexit deal My question (and I don't know the answer so...
  2. Olrence

    Australian politicians with foreign-born parents disqualified from sitting.

    We have had an increasingly absurd situation here over the past few months, where current sitting members are being ousted due to falling foul of a poorly expressed section of the Australian Constitution. The Constitution was cobbled together in the 1890's to meet the aspirations and protect...
  3. Goatman

    The English Civil War

    Saw this, thought it might be of interest to some on here; @Auld-Yin - I'm not qualified to review it...but that's never stopped Arrse before :-) ? London was the critical...