1. BratMedic

    Battle for Paris 1815

    Have you ever wondered what happened after the battle of Waterloo? Well, this book has all the answers. French field officers wanted revenge for Waterloo and so the French fought on after the battle, retreating steadily towards Paris whilst fighting and skirmishing against the Prussian army...
  2. CptDanjou

    Paris Ritz Robbed , Boo fcukin Hoo

    Paris Ritz Robbed , zero sympathy from me ,two reasons , usually vulgar jewellery owned by cnutish types who can afford to lose it and secondly it may teach the hotel not to employ cheap foreign labour as it was most likely an inside job. Paris Ritz robbery: 'Axe-wielding' raiders steal...
  3. RoyalGreenJacket

    Bataclan - the gruesome atrocities and other made up stories

    it looks like the Muslims who took part in the attack on the Bataclan may have went out of their way to really cause the most gruesome torture, hurt, pain and humiliation to their hostages, with accounts of their victims being beheaded, men being castrated and having their testicles put into...
  4. G

    IS, will we deploy?

    With all the horrible sh*t that's been going on in paris, airstrikes are being made against is however, when the PM grows stupid enough and everyone realises they have an unknown shortage of bombs, do you reckon british troops will deploy, i know that some things are happening but do you reckon...
  5. O

    Catch 22 - Fight or Flight in Terrorist Attacks?

    The military or civil forces cannot be everywhere, everytime (what we have left of them). Yet, a handful of terrorists can wreak havoc in the name of their cause. Do citizens need to consider 'fight or flight' during attacks? These terrorists will not let you live, that's not their mission...