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  1. D

    Beep test assessment centre

    anyone got any tips for the beep test at assessment centre. Find it alot harder than the 2k run for some reason. cheers
  2. C

    Easy vs Hard miles...

    Hey all, I’ve been following the forum for some time and thought I’d take the opportunity to ask a question to those fitness junkies on the forum! I’m currently training for 4Para (should have my starting date very soon, passed AC etc) and I run 6 days a week and strength train. I can hit...
  3. P

    Surgery Pre Sandhurst?

    Ello, Recently passed my AOSB briefing and have got my main board in September (if this bastard of a virus fucks off by then) and then more than likely would aim to go to Sandhurst the following September (2021). Aiming to join the Paras, only issue is I've got a mild case of pectus excavatum...
  4. A

    Maj. Sam McGrath’s Para Fitness book

    Hi all, So I’m hoping to join the Paras and am pretty much fit enough to do so. (1.2 mile time is 7:30). I’ve been reading Major Sam McGrath’s book called ‘Para Fitness’ as naturally I want to brush up on all aspects before I start, such as strength endurance. However, I was surprised to read...
  5. J

    Gurkha Paras/Commandos?

    Can the Gurkhas do the AACC or P Coy and earn the green/maroon beret. I have seen pictures of Gurkhas wearing these berets with the Royal Gurkha Regiment cap badge but cannot find any information on it. Thanks
  6. C

    Para reg tattoo

    Hi lads, sorry if it’s wrong section. Just curious about something. Passed my PRAC today and the Corporal told us to not go and get a tattoo of the Para cap badge when we come back for training (which I definitely would not do anyway) as they have earned theirs. How has he earned the right to...
  7. C

    Paras or marines

    Should I join the paras or marines as an officer. I'm exactly 50/50 split between the two and can't decide between airbourne or amphibious. I love a good challenge, and I definitely want to be the best of the best. The ultimate end goal is SAS selection, so maybe one would help better than the...
  8. XxRY4NxX2025

    Junior Paras fitness guide?

    Ok, this is my first post so sorry if it is written dodgy. I am 14, and plan to join the paras, going to AFC Harrogate in September 2021. I know that is still quite a while, but I’d rather be ready for it. I exercise regularly anyway, and love running and fitness in general, but I want to know...
  9. D

    Looking for my dad

    Hi, I am trying to find some detail of what my dad got up to in the war, I know he was in paras and he served throughout the war. His name was Ben Hickman and I think he ended up as Colour Sergeant. He did not talk much about it but when I was a kid he did mention serving with the Ghurkas and I...
  10. sirbhp


    Dreadfully injured in the Arnhem landings, paratrooper Theo Trickey was never expected to survive. In the aftermath of defeat, captured Medical Officer Captain Daniel Garland pulled Trickey's comatose body from a pile of copses, keeping him alive as they were shipped to a prisoner-of-war camp in...
  11. A

    Parachute regiment

    So I'm hoping to join the parachute regiment at 16 and my application goes in on the 30th. I've been doing a lot of research and everyone says you must prepare mentally to pass, but never say how? Any tips on what I should do, or how I should go about it?
  12. L

    para hopeful at 23

    hi guys, new to this forum however...i am currently 23, will be 24 and half before I am fit enough to submit an application with the paras (don't want to waste there time and mine if not fit enough at the moment). I knows there's a few old threads knocking around but its hard to actually see how...
  13. Qournbeef99

    Getting fit for the PARAS!!!!!

    Good evening ladies, im 17 and absolutely hate my job so I fancy jumping out of a plane. I would join the paras right now if I was fit enough however my 1.5 mile time isnt up to scratch and running long distances (4miles +) is not my strong point, so if there are any serving or ex paras, or...
  14. M

    Infantry enquiry

    I'm hoping to join Harrogate in the next year or so and I'm hoping to join the paras or the guards,m y questions to myself are should I join paras, reg infantry or LD, I like ceremonial but im still deciding on wether or not I would personally want to make a living of it, my main concern is that...
  15. J

    Parachute Regiment Officer Selection

    Would anybody know the number of officers the Parachute Regiment take from Sandhurst per intake? How competitive is it? And would they take an officer that is only 18? Many Thanks
  16. Villa

    Anyone about to apply for the Paras or in the selection process?

    Thinking about applying shortly and was wondering if anyone else on here is or if anyone is in selection now. If you've done parts of selection is there any advice you could give? Also what's the current time scale from Applying - Depot if you pass everything first time? Obviously it's like...
  17. A

    Can para wings be worn on army pullover?

    I know the pullover is slowly dying out however I still wear mine a fair amount and I was wondering if I could wear my wings on it? I haven't seen anyone with wings on a pullover so I'm not sure if it's possible.
  18. G

    Do infantry regiments have more "action" than others?

    The paras may seem more elite than others however, do certain regiments deploy more get to do more and see more. Would you join them?
  19. Forces Digital

    Paras finally win Pegasus emblem battle

    “Removing Pegasus was the equivalent of taking away the Ferrari’s unique logo": Full article from Forces TV at Redirecting...
  20. G

    Day in the life of signals officer

    What would be a typical day in the life of a signals officer in 16 air assault signals sdn. Just curious.