papua new guinea

  1. PuriPuriManTumas

    Diving in Papua New Guinea

    No longer current, previously a PADI OWSI, and can strongly recommend PNG if you’re suitably cashed-up, have lots of time, and like adventure. I lived and worked in Port Moresby for three years, and whilst SWMBO Golfed, I got wet ... usually two, sometimes three, dives on each day of the...
  2. Joshua Slocum

    Images of War : MacArthur`s Papua New Guinea Offensive 1942-1943

    Another book from the very high quality Images of War series from Pen and Swords books. When the Japanese Landed on Rabaul in January 1942 , Dougals MacArthur took over the command of the Southwest Pacific area, to prevent the threat of the Japanese attacking mainland Australia.In July 1942...