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    École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr (british overseas officer cadets)

    hello, I am aware that there have been a few notable foreign cadets at RMAS who have later gone back to serve their respective countries. I was wondering whether it was possible for British citizens to do the opposite, to go to for example, the French equivalent of RMAS, École spéciale...
  2. 2PWRR

    What unit of the British Army travels the most?

    Hello chaps, Looked around and have read about lots of regiments that travel around a lot. But which role within the army allows one to travel the most? I hear close protection RMP travel a lot. What other roles in the British army travel the most? Or if not a specific role, why unit? Not...
  3. P

    2015: First year without British casualties?

    Obviously it hasn't ended yet but is 2015 likely to be the first year since 1968 without fatalities overseas? No link I'm afraid except this old Guardian one British forces' century of unbroken warfare set to end with Afghanistan exit