1. Joshua Slocum

    Mastermind of Dunkirk and D-Day

    This is a long overdue book, Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsey is little known outside military and historic circles, although his letters, and diaries and personal papers still exist and are kept in the Churchill Archives Centre at Cambridge. His work in organising Operation Dynamo and bringing...
  2. D

    Disaster before D-Day

    Back in the days when I was in the Andrew, I did the fairly regular weekenders run between Pompey and Guz (Plymouth). On occasion, I took the road that winds along Slapton Sands and I have stopped by the Sherman tank that is there as part of the memorial to those service personnel who died. I...
  3. MoleBath

    Allied Intelligence And The Cover Up At Pointe Du Hoc Vol 2

    This is the first of 2 volumes covering the famous Pointe Du Hoc assault by the US Rangers; it examines the training equipment and doctrine of the US Rangers. All good armies see elite formations arise, compete, merge or survive. The US has the advantage that a large US Marine Corps makes for...