1. E

    Medical Question

    -Stupid Question-
  2. Solitaire97

    Sennelager Summer camp 2016

    Going to be spending two weeks in Sennelager with the OTC. Has anyone been before? Is there wifi anywhere? what are the Billets like? Scoff? Mess? ;)
  3. Bad CO

    Dublin University OTC and the 1916 Easter Uprising

    The imminent centenary of the 1916 Dublin Easter Rising seems an appropriate moment to look at a little-known episode of the Rising: the defence against the rebels of Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) by its Officers’ Training Corps (OTC). University OTCs are not included in any Order of Battle...
  4. minger

    Anti army??

    Hi all, I'm involved in setting up a CCF in a secondary school. I have run into a lot of resistance from staff who seem to think I'm creating a new hitler youth. Have you any advice/counter arguments in favour of the benefit to school kids by participating in the CCF? I'm just curious to hear...