1. F

    Under armour yoke or condor tactical yoke?

    I've got an osprey battle belt; my plce was past it's days, and I can't decide whether to use the standard under armour yoke or to buy condor tactical yoke. We ain't using armour (obvs it's just cadets!) but I'm just trying to find out whether an under armour yoke needs replacing because I get...
  2. G

    What should i do to improve my osprey webbing?

    I have one of these, the straps ain't amazing but they'll do (it's only for cadets). I have four double mag pouches a med pouch and two utility pouches. Is there anything I should do to improve it i have a clip belt to secure it. Should i just replace it with jay jays or Dixie's
  3. RomanDalts

    Osprey Chafing

    First off, yeah I know there's hundreds of posts about Osprey - but forgive me, it's my first post :) Anyway, has anyone got any experience with the Osprey Mk4 chafing around the shoulders and neck? I'm 5'8" and pretty built but over exercise or even short periods of time it chafes like a bitch...