1. Bras19

    Female armourers?

    Probably going to get a little stick for this post but hear me out... (No hate if you can help it) I am applying for the army and was wondering what people think about female armourers or even if there are any females currently in this role. The role is open to females so there’s got to be...
  2. P

    Eczema worth a shot?

    I have spent the last few hours reading about every thread with eczema for any sign that it's a possibility. I also fully understand that everyone is different and there's no better accuracy then from the horses mouth, I'm just looking for an opinion. If you look on the British Army website...
  3. C

    your time as reserves

    I have been a reserve for some time and I am writing a dissertation for university about people's time as reserves so need data from fellow and former reserves its a short survey of 11 short questions and everything is anonymous. click the link to take you to the questionnaire. Microsoft Forms
  4. S

    I need Opinions

    I KNOW THIS IS MY OWN DECISION BUT I WANT OTHERS OPINIONS ON THE SITUATION. So basically I am at a stage at work where I am getting pretty f****ng bored. I work at a company that provides lighting and sound for theatre & events. I have always wanted to join the army as a medic. Basically I am...