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  1. Auld-Yin

    Bandit Country by Geoffrey McMullan

    Seven days in the life of a British soldier. A very small book, just 60 pages in length, covering a week spent in rural south N Ireland, known to all who served there as ‘Bandid Country’ as the PIRA were very active there and the area was mainly Republican. The author served with the Royal...
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  3. sirbhp

    Torn Apart

    In the early Twentieth Century there was a war brewing on Britain’s doorstep. Northern Ireland was filled with discrimination and suspicion, a sense of foreboding that would soon erupt into full-blown rioting. As the fiftieth anniversary of the Troubles approaches, Ken Wharton takes a thorough...
  4. E

    Talking to People in South Armagh - Capt Robert Nairac GC

    I know this is a very long shot, but I wonder if anyone has a copy of a paper written by Captain Robert Nairac CG called "Talking to People in South Armagh"? Robert wrote it in 1975 quite possibly as a JDSC exercise. It was still being distributed up until the late 1980s and possibly later. In...