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    The guy with the camera. Dhofar 1974
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    Pick-up from the Hornbeam line. The base at Mughsayl is on the coast and in the background. Dhofar 1974
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    Bait al Falaj

    Between 1969 and 1970, I served as the British Aircraft Corporation Representative, supporting SOAF with the introduction of the Strikemaster aircraft. I lived in the Officers Mess at Bait al Falaj. I have tried in numerous places to find a photograph of the Officers Mess but without success...
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    Oman/Dhofar Maps Mirbat

    Hi Guys I wonder if anybody has any military maps of Oman/Dhofar from the war years tucked away. I have a number of the 1:100,000 series but none of the very limited 1:50,000 series and would like to extend my collection. I am afraid I only have a single duplicate for exchange but that is the...