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    Infantry Platoon officer Reserve Education?

    Hello, I'd would like to join the Infantry Platoon as a officer in the reserve. I'm currently studying full time in Dublin, Ireland. I'm studying Computer Science as Ordinary Degree (level 7), now I didn't do well in my leaving cert (A-levels) so I won't be able to put that forward as my...
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    Criminal record and becoming an officer?

    To set the stage. I was convicted of 'interference with a vehicle' when I was 19. I was at college and got extremely drunk, I recklessly began pulling on the handles of car doors and smacking the windows(no damage was done). To say the least I was absolutely ashamed of myself because I am a law...
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    Reinstate commission

    A friend resigned from the ACF in May 2014 as a 2 Lt. He had held the commission for over a year but left due to family reasons. He now has time and wants to return. Can anyone confirm or advise on whether he can return as a 2 Lt with various trg to bring his currency up to speed, or would he...