officer training

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    Intelligence Corps

    Hi guys, I have been thinking of joining the Army for a long time now, I am currently at uni. I got a couple of questions in regard to what the one-year training at Sandhurst is like and about life after the training. 1. When you start the training do you get to decide what role you will do/...
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    RAC Post Sandhurst Training.

    Hi all I hope to join the RAC as an officer, most probably armoured. I have main board in a few weeks however i cannot find any details about training after attending sandhurst and was wondering if anyone could help me.
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    École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr (british overseas officer cadets)

    hello, I am aware that there have been a few notable foreign cadets at RMAS who have later gone back to serve their respective countries. I was wondering whether it was possible for British citizens to do the opposite, to go to for example, the French equivalent of RMAS, École spéciale...
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    Looking for advice, Potential Officer

    Morning all, I've been lurking around the forums for a while looking for info and the like and have just got a few questions Firstly a bit of background: I'm 20 and from a lovely steel making town in the north east of England, I haven't been to uni and so would be a non grad if/when I make it...
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    SCOTS DG Officer

    Hello all, I'm currently looking into my options in joining the Armed Forces, I've been researching all three forces and several regiments within the Army. I've been repeatedly drawn to the SCOTS DG because of their history, unique uniform, role and my fondness for highland culture (I find the...
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    Briefing/Main Cool Down Period?

    Anyone know if there is a cool down period between getting a cat 1 at briefing before heading off to Main Board? Cheers
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    Would I fit into the military?

    Alright so guys I want to join the British Army as an officer. I have a masters in mechanical engineering and heard that its better to go for an officer role as people with degrees are preferred. I have a question mark in my head though. I moved to this country when I was 7, I am originally...
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    Parachute Regiment Officer Selection

    Would anybody know the number of officers the Parachute Regiment take from Sandhurst per intake? How competitive is it? And would they take an officer that is only 18? Many Thanks
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    Is there a officer and university course?

    Hi I'm been thinking of joint the British Army as an officer but I was wondering if there was a dedicated institution that would be provide you with military training and a university degree, similar to the Australian Defence Force Academy, where the government pays for most of your degree and...