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officer recruitment

  1. E

    Joining as an officer and aiming for the royal engineers

    Hello, I am currently studying engineering at university and I have been trying to research the actual role and jobs carried out by a royal engineer troop officer however I am struggling to find any detailed infomation on the exact role and jobs they carry out and would like to find out more...
  2. JockScot

    Qualifications question

    Hello, I was medically deferred from the Army back in October 2017 (Regular Soldier Entry). I have taken this time to complete an apprenticeship as well going to college and in progress to complete a HND. Despite the numerous medical hurdles I can't get away from wanting to join the Army. With...
  3. T

    Potential Cavalry Officer

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 year old graduate and have started to think seriously about trying to join as a regular officer. I come from a very army family, my father served for nearly 40 years and I was at a military school (DoYRMS). Although I don’t think I’m the usual army ‘type’ a lot of...
  4. W

    RMR Marine to Army Officer at 30

    Hi all, I'm fully trained in the RMR as a marine and want to apply for regular army officer. Thing is I'm 30 next month. I called the recruitment line and they said it is possible and to speak to my CO about a transfer. Before I go down THAT road I want to do some asking around to see if it's...