officer cadet

  1. Bobby_Bert

    Army Officer online presentations.

    The Army Officer Recruitment Team will soon be hosting regular online presentations. These events will give you the opportunity to find out more about officer training and life beyond Sandhurst. The presentations will typically last for one hour via Zoom. There are no pre-requisites for...
  2. oppoStu

    AOSB Main Board - Everything You Need To Know

    Previously been through the process once before, did some research on it to find a detailed diary. There is currently no "Main Board" diaries on ARRSE, only 1 briefing diary and a few other people who have provided little bits of information. So I thought I would share the information I have...
  3. NootNootAF

    Reserve Soldier to Officer

    Hi, I'm wondering has anyone been through this process and can let me know if you start Officer training on Mod B as you've already completed Phase 1? Thanks.