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  1. T

    Is 26 too old to be going to Sandhurst?

    I have received an offer to attend the regular commissioning course at Sandhurst but I am concerned about how I will be viewed because of my age. Upon arrival at Sandhurst I will be 26 and will be 27 by the time I commission. I am fairly fit, currently finishing a degree, and have no ties or...
  2. U

    is it better to earn commission through ranks or sign straight up as an officer?

    Hello, I wish to be an officer and the problem I am currently facing is that I lack a grade C in GCSE English (I hold a D), I have called up and applied in the hopes of potentially receiving a waiver as I have a degree, but unfortunately I was turned down and that prevents me from joining as an...
  3. R

    Should I join the army as an armoured officer or join the police and work to become a CTSFO?

    Both are very appealing and I am very interested in tanks but at the same time being part of a counter terrorist team seems fun but it looks like not everyone gets in. Does anyone have any insight into either career?
  4. Kitchener

    Army Officer Time Scale

    Good Afternoon all Hoping to find you all well What is the time scale from the Army Careers Advisor interview to being told you have a place at Sandhurst? The only thing I have seen is it takes around 1 year but am totally unsure whether this is true or false. I’m sure many do it in under a...
  5. B

    Intelligence officer

    I am currently studying in my last year of a levels and I am hoping to get a place at RMAS and hopefully get the chance to train for the intelligence corps as an officer however, I’m not looking to study at uni, will this be an issue? Also how will they decide whether the intelligence corps is...
  6. S

    Intelligence Corps

    Hi guys, I have been thinking of joining the Army for a long time now, I am currently at uni. I got a couple of questions in regard to what the one-year training at Sandhurst is like and about life after the training. 1. When you start the training do you get to decide what role you will do/...
  7. J

    Not sure whether to commission straight away or from the ranks

    Hi guys I’m currently 17 and doing my A levels which I’m hating although hope to have 3 of by next June. I’m wanting to join the Paras and I’m wondering whether it would be best to join as a soldier and then commission after a few years or go straight to Sandhurst at 18. I don’t want to be...
  8. W

    Officer or Solider/RMP or Intelligence

    Hi everyone, First of all I’m new and this is my first post and I had no clue where to post this question, so please excuse any annoying and infuriating naivety or ignorance. Basically I want to join the Armed Forces and I really, really want to work in the Intelligence area or the RMP to the...
  9. O

    Join army officer

    hi guys , I was actually quite confused with the qualifications needed for the officer requirement. I am commonwealth citizen and loving in the U.K. from last 5 years, but the education I have completed was in my home country. Matrix (10) and senior sec. school year 12. And after...