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  1. D

    Applying before being up to physical standard

    Hey guys, Was just wondering, should I apply online as soon as I can even though I don't think I'm physically up to snuff just yet and then use the time until AOSB/Main Board to train more OR should I get as physically fit as possible before even applying. I'm asking since the current timescale...
  2. D

    a few questions about RMAS application

    Hi all. I'm an Australian/Kiwi who's interested in becoming an officer when I finish school. I'm almost 16 and I've been looking at it for about 18 months now, so I'd be looking at an intake in early 2024. I've got a decent of idea of potential regiments and I've worked out the logistics of my...
  3. T

    How important are university marks/grades for Sandhurst?

    I've been planning on applying as a regular officer for a while now, but unfortunately my university marks aren't the greatest. I accept full responsibility for this. It is a combination of too much partying and not enough studying... So my question is: During AOSB Briefing and Main Board, to...
  4. D

    Officer Timescales

    Hi all, I was just wondering what other applicants' progress has been like with COVID etc. I passed my RGMD this time last month but I am yet to hear anything regarding the next stage (presumably medical at Westbury). Is it best just to wait or does it require some active chasing via the local...
  5. N

    Joining as a soldier and going on to be an officer due to 2 year deferment at AOSB Briefing

    Hello all! As a bit of background, I'm 19 years old and have got the required amount of ALIS and UCAS points from my GCSEs and A Levels respectively to become an officer. It has been a month or so since I had my AOSB Briefing, after which I got a CAT 2 and a 2 year deferment. A couple days...
  6. A

    Recruitment frustrations

    Would be keen to know if anyone else is having similar experiences at the moment. I've been booked onto AOSB briefing since October, it was due to be tomorrow. One hour ago I got a phone call from my CSM saying I can no longer attend due to reduced covid capacities and theyre conducting roof...
  7. 8

    AOSB Planex Advice

    Hi everyone, I have my main board approaching soon and safe to say I am bricking it for the planning exercise element of the board, which for me is the most challenging element by some distance. I have been smashing out practice questions under timed conditions over the last few weeks but after...
  8. R

    Should I join the army as an armoured officer or join the police and work to become a CTSFO?

    Both are very appealing and I am very interested in tanks but at the same time being part of a counter terrorist team seems fun but it looks like not everyone gets in. Does anyone have any insight into either career?
  9. B

    Advice on which route to take to Regular Commission

    Good afternoon all! The end goal is to join as a Regular Officer but the advised route to get there is different to what I thought it would be. I've been advised to join the reserves as a Potential Officer, complete my Phase 1 training, learn some basic soldiering while attending what is...
  10. Bobby_Bert

    Army Officer online presentations.

    The Army Officer Recruitment Team will soon be hosting regular online presentations. These events will give you the opportunity to find out more about officer training and life beyond Sandhurst. The presentations will typically last for one hour via Zoom. There are no pre-requisites for...
  11. Kitchener

    Army Officer Time Scale

    Good Afternoon all Hoping to find you all well What is the time scale from the Army Careers Advisor interview to being told you have a place at Sandhurst? The only thing I have seen is it takes around 1 year but am totally unsure whether this is true or false. I’m sure many do it in under a...
  12. C

    Is it possible to go to Sandhurst after becoming a regular soldier?

    Hello, I am currently a phase 1 recruit going through Pirbright as a regular soldier, but have taken quite an interest in becoming an officer at some point in my career being that as soon as possible. Having spoken to my troop commander and seeing his role, it is something that interests me...
  13. P

    AOSB Dates

    Has anyone had any information regarding the resumption of AOSB’s? I’m still waiting on my recruitment officer to update me but they can be rather slow on these matters.
  14. C

    Questions about UOTC, Sandhurst and HCav

    I've been looking in to the specifics of joining the army a lot recently as I'm off to uni in October. ARRSE seems to have been the best informed place on the internet to get answers to some questions, and plenty of the threads I've read through have been super helpful. But I'm still left with a...
  15. O

    Commonwealth wanting to joinn RMAS

    Hey guys im just wondering if Commonwealth citizens are allowed to serve in the Army as a full-time Officer. I saw that Commonwealth Citizens are allowed to join but I'm not sure of what we can join. Im looking to work in the Infantry. What are your thoughts on Foreigners being able to join...
  16. O

    UOTC vs joining a reserve regiment

    I know that there have been threads on this before, but my situation is a bit different to others. I'm going into my 3rd of 4 years at uni. Given that UOTC is meant to be a 3/4 year programme, should I still look to join or should I get some experience by joining the reserves as an enlisted...
  17. W

    Officer Reserve Recruitment for Peacekeeping Missions - which unit?

    Good afternoon all. New to this. Civilian with several degrees and considerable non-military experience. One of my long-term interests is in serving on peacekeeping missions and emergency response. I have ready everything I can find online. To make most of unit-level recruitment conversations I...
  18. R

    Guards Officer

    Good day to you all, I am currently in the proccess of applying for an army scholarship, my Medical report has just been recieved by my CSM, and i would like to know about how likely it is that i will get into the regiment I want to. My top choice is the grenadier guards, followed by the scots...
  19. T

    Joe or RMAS?

    First post on here and looking for advice on transferring from reserve to regulars. I have been offered a place as a joe at para depot but i wasn't sure whether it's worth trying for Sandhurst with the hope of joining the parachute regiment afterwards. I've been informed that Sandhurst is a big...
  20. G

    Confirmed Cadet Over 30s - Help

    Hi Everyone, I have recently passed Briefing, however, I have now been told that in order to do Main Board I need a regiment to sponsor me otherwise known as a confirmed cadet. I have emailed a few regiments which said that they do not offer this anymore and the two cap badges that do said...
  21. W

    Education Assessment

    Hello all, Am currently looking into the process from Soldier to Officer. I don't have the required GCSE's and will need to sit the educational assessment, would anybody have experience of going down this route and/or has sat the assessment and can tell me what it entails? Thanks!
  22. S

    Is family in hhcav essential for officer entry

    Im looking to join household cavalry as an officer when I finish 6 form. However, a couple of my mates have told me that they don't let you in unless you have some sort of family connection to the regiment. Sounds like bs but just wanted to ask
  23. C

    My Top Tips for AOSB briefing and MB

    Hi guys, not sure who this will reach. But hopefully I can help a few of you with any questions on passing AOSB briefing / main board. Both are extremely fresh in my mind and I for one know how daunting and nerve racking the whole process can be - especially with all the unknowns ahead of you...
  24. J

    Army officer initial interview tomorrow - current affairs knowledge

    Hello, I have my initial army officer interview tomorrow morning on skype. One of the things that will come up in the interview is current affairs knowledge. I have been researching current affairs but I am unsure what current affairs is likely to come up in the interview and how many...
  25. S

    RMAS rejected medical

    Afternoon all The RMAS medical assessment team Capita rejected my medical due to a couple of counts of depression I had at university (it was not serious as I never hurt myself or required to go to hospital for a period of time, that is not to say i don’t think it’s a serious issue) to me it...
  26. M

    Officer Briefing Day (My Thoughts)

    Hi all, The main purpose of this post is to inform you what to expect on your Officer Breifing Day as I have recently completed mine and thought I'd share the experience. The day begins at 1000hrs but make sure that you arrive earlier (prior to 0940) otherwise it obviously looks bad on you. I...
  27. M

    Army Officer intake January 2018

    Hi all, New to the forum! Looking for people who are hoping to gain a place on the January 2018 RMAS intake and want to do some prep or swap/compare for the up and coming assessments? Just reply to this post and we can go from there.... But about myself, I was a Police Officer for four years...
  28. J

    Officer Briefing Day

    After squawking in the shadows, it’s now time to ask a question myself. I have my Officer Briefing Day coming up in a few weeks’ time, which is essentially the ACA interview with a few additional extras … Could those with experience give me any advice/ preparation tips please. I am happy...
  29. A

    École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr (british overseas officer cadets)

    hello, I am aware that there have been a few notable foreign cadets at RMAS who have later gone back to serve their respective countries. I was wondering whether it was possible for British citizens to do the opposite, to go to for example, the French equivalent of RMAS, École spéciale...
  30. W

    Officer or Solider/RMP or Intelligence

    Hi everyone, First of all I’m new and this is my first post and I had no clue where to post this question, so please excuse any annoying and infuriating naivety or ignorance. Basically I want to join the Armed Forces and I really, really want to work in the Intelligence area or the RMP to the...
  31. O

    Not Another Plan Ex Thread

    Sorry for another one of the plan ex threads but its hard to navigate around the sheer volume of existing threads to find my answer. Basically, been practicing planning and I've just done this one in particular... Forms « Gumnut Adventures provides holiday activties and corporate teambuilding...
  32. M

    RMAS Advice

    Good Morning All, I have my briefing and main board coming up in the same week in May. I have a few questions I was hoping to get answers too if possible, I have had a good look around and cannot seem to find any threads that are relevant. I have been given a provisional start date for RMAS...
  33. O

    Briefing/Main Cool Down Period?

    Anyone know if there is a cool down period between getting a cat 1 at briefing before heading off to Main Board? Cheers
  34. S

    Briefing and Main Board advise/thoughts

    Hi guys, Just thought I would post my thoughts and hints/tips from my experience to anyone going through the process. Fitness: The required standard is 10.2 on the bleep test and 44 press ups/50 sit ups. It surprised me how many people failed and at the lower levels as well. Don't think of...
  35. S

    Whether to join as an Officer or Soldier.

    Alright all, basically I'm rather uncertain and wondered if some of those who know a bit more than me might be able to shed some light. I'm 19 years old, I've done my A Levels and I'm currently studying public services at college. I'm not sure whether Id be best suited going as an officer, as...
  36. M

    The Army and Eyesight - JSP950 issues

    Hello all! I have gone through a bit of a storm with regards to an Army Officers application. Originally, whilst at Uni I applied to join the Reserves to get some experience whilst I was at uni. Only problem being that I had glasses, but i was not at the time (Sept 2013) outside the eyesight...
  37. J

    Army Officer Regiment choice

    So I'm wondering about potential regiment choices. I was thinking a Helicopter Pilot Officer in the AAC, however I have been researching and have read that a flying career lasts around five years. I've also heard the reg is also difficult to get into, but I haven't totally ruled it out. Can...
  38. J

    Scholarship interview

    Hi, I have passed my eligibility and medical forms and now have my interview prior to the GAIC(O) and AOSB. I have spoke to my regional careers advisor who holds the rank of Major, and he was in fact very informal and was very helpful. I know somebody who holds a scholarship and a undergraduate...
  39. C

    Joining as an Engineer Troop Officer

    I am 18, have just finished my A level and have known for a long time that if i didnt get the grades to go to my top uni I wanted to join. I have BBB at A level and 8+A*s at GCSE but wanted to know if it would be better to have a degree before I applied to Sandhurst to join the RE as a Troop...
  40. U

    Medical appeal, please assist!

    I am currently a reserve soldier and have recently put my application in to become a regular officer. I have just received a letter informing me that I am unable to join as I had hip pain in the last 2 years. I did not put this on my form but I believe the GP must have, considering I did visit...