north african campaign

  1. G

    Any Spotters? Vehicle Recognition

    Taken from Cuneo’s painting of Sidi Rezegh, 1941. Anybody recognise the utility vehicle on the right of the photo? Additionally, it’s difficult to tell if the guns on the Crusaders are 2 or 4Pdrs, but I’ve made the assumption they are 2Pdrs and the tanks are Mk I/II, as I don’t think Mk IIIs...
  2. sirbhp

    Air War Over North Africa. USAAF Acendant,

    The year 1942 began badly for the Allies. German U-boats were indiscriminately sinking merchant shipping off America's east coast and in the Caribbean. Allied fortunes were no better in the Far East under the relentless Japanese advance. America was struggling to hold the Philippines, while the...
  3. untallguy

    The Long Range Desert Group: History and Legacy

    The Long Range Desert Group: History and Legacy by Karl-Gunnar Noren and Lars Gyllenhaal is a history of the formation and formative years of the Long Range Desert Group. For those who don’t know who the LRDG were, they were precursors to the SAS (and supported them at the start) and started as...
  4. Auld-Yin

    The Desert Air War 1940-43

    This is another edition from the wonderful Images of War series by Pen and Sword books. This book covers the air war in the North African desert where army/air cooperation was rediscovered and finessed, making control of the air such a meaningful action. This book does have plenty of...