1. Captain_Crusty

    Battle for the Bocage, Normandy 1944

    As I read the acknowledgements at the beginning of this book, I was filled with a slight feeling of dread. The author, Tim Saunders, was playing the COVID card, explaining that he hadn't had access to many of the usual sources as he wrote this book, particularly the war diaries and documents...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Gunners in Normandy

    'Gunners in Normandy' is the official account of the Royal Artillery on the Normandy Campaign. It is the latest volume in the 'Blue Book' series of histories of the Royal Regiment begun by General Farndale in the 90s. It had a torturous route to publication; tragically Will Townend, the...
  3. overopensights

    Normandy Air War

    The book is mostly of images prior to, and during the D Day landings. There are some really good detailed shots, they’re not just a repeat of images seen many times before, but really good detailed interesting photographs of previously unseen images. All the characters; the big players are...
  4. D

    The Falaise Pocket

    From the author “This illustrated account examines the battle from the failed offensive at Mortain, looking at both German and Allied perspectives, using maps, diagrams and profiles to complete the story.” The narrative follows a logical sequence, taking the reader through the various...