normandy 1944

  1. MoleBath

    D Day Normandy Landing Beaches

    There are reams of D-Day books covering every aspect of the landings, tactics, uniform and equipment. Some are helpful if visiting but this is aimed squarely at those planning (and making) a visit. The book gives some background notes, some really helpful points on using the guide and some...
  2. JINGO

    Command and Valour.

    As a sweeping generalisation most books on war history fall into two broad categories. Those with a larger scope covering the strategic aspects of a campaign or those that deal on a more human personal level of the fighting. In this volume Stuart Robinson has blended the two. I’ll admit I was...
  3. SkippedOnce

    The Liberation of Europe - 3 September 1943

    Despite being overshadowed in memory and popular culture by operations in NW Europe some 9 months later, tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the commencement of Op BAYTOWN, the first invasion landing on mainland Europe by Allied forces in WWII. The Calabria Landings, 3 September 1943 The...
  4. Stumpy4154

    Waffen SS Armour in Normandy

    I looked forward to reviewing this book as it is a topic about which I have a large interest (alongside the battle at Arnhem) as well as potentially getting some ideas for my modelling dioramas. On receiving it I had a quick skim through to gauge the contents and to see if it was going to be a...