1. Cynical

    Sirerra Leone Revolutionary United Front

    The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991 to 2002) is one of the saddest in Africa. Sierra Leone has diamonds and other minerals, so it should not be poor. Neither South Africa nor Botswana – equally laden with mineral wealth – are. Instead it all went a bit wrong, in the African way until the then...
  2. Subsunk

    ‘Combat Biplanes of World War 2’ – Peter C. Smith, Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley, ISBN-1783400854

    Another definitive subject matter study, written by an expert and published by Pen & Sword. The pace of aircraft development up to, say 1990, generally was nothing short of phenomenal, but even so, there were phases when there were particularly rapid leaps forward. The decade of the 1930s, as...